ana pusca executive coaching room

To transform the obstacles into resources

You already have or will soon have a leadership position: CEO, Manager, Director, Business Unit Manager, CTO, CIO, …

You are faced with the daily challenge of finding the delicate balance between developing and motivating your teams and achieving your expected business results. All this in parallel of dealing with difficult issues that are brought into your attention as they couldn’t get solved before reaching out to you.

My coaching services can help you reach your goals, talk over the situations that worry you, and develop a new perspective on your own perceptions and the pressure you are experiencing. Few sessions will give to the chance to reach out your goal in an efficient matter.

A brief description of my method

My commitment is to use all the resources available to me to bring out your own answers and your own solutions based on your own reality that help you reach your goals.

Your commitment will be to come prepared to work towards your goals, to recognize the real stakes involved and take the actions agreed upon at the end of each session.

The steps in my coaching process

We begin with a preliminary session to identify, clarify, and reformulate the overall objective(goal) that will be stated in the coaching contract.For the following sessions, it’s important to always set an objective for each session. This allows us to move step by step to the overall desired objective.

The next sessions follow the same 4-step process:

  • Feedback of the results you’ve obtained and the progress you’ve made due to the actions you carried out, that you decided in the previous session. We will thoroughly clarify the session’s objective.
  • We will explore your reality and the situation that you are concerned about. You will thus become more aware of how you operate and what you would like to change.
  • Thanks to these new ways of seeing the situation, several possibilities will open up to you about how you might do things differently.
  • Summary of what you’ve learned and then, based on these new options, will plan the actions that you will agree to carry out before the next session.